Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil Spill Still In Need of Fur, Hair and Nylons

The oil spill in the Gulf is still being cleaned up by volunteers every day. If you want to help but don't quite know how, here's a simple way: get your pet groomed! Right now Best Friends is collecting the hair that they clip from their hairy friends and sending it to the Matter of Trust organization. They take the donated fur and hair  along with nylon stockings and create hair booms and mats for use to soak up the oil in the water and along the beaches. If you'd like to donate your pet's hair to this cause, call us at 508-881-3441 to book a grooming appointment.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome Baby Autumn Catherine Murray!

We would like to announce the arrival of Best Friends' newest family member: Autumn Catherine Murray, daughter of our Manager, Michelle Murray. She was born on May 29th and was 6lbs 11oz! Congrats to Michelle!! We couldn't be more proud!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Small Dogs Meetup Group

Do you have a small K-9 friend that loves to play with other dogs his or her size? Looking for a place to socialize your tiny pal? Look no further! We will be holding our monthly Small Dogs Meetup on Sunday, June 20th at 12pm (noon). This fun-filled event lasts about an hour and is free to attend! We just ask that you bring proof that your pooch is vaccinated against distemper, rabies and bordatella. You and your little best friend are sure to make new friends and have a blast! For more info, call us at 508-881-7557 or go on over to the meetup website and sign up for our group!